Information that is excluded is information that cannot be accessed by applicants for public information as referred to in Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Openness of Public Information. Information exclusion should be based on a consequence test

  1. Information / personal identification data of lecturers, education staff, students / students, cooperation partners, foreign researchers, and alumni, consisting of: a. history and condition of family members, b. history, condition and treatment, physical health treatment, and a person's psychology, c. a person's financial condition, assets, income, and bank account, d. evaluation results with respect to capability, intellectuality, and recommendations for one's abilities, e. records relating to a person's personality related to the activities of formal education units and non-formal education units, f. evaluation results and recommendations related to the performance of lecturers and educational staff; and / or, g. evaluation results and related recommendations
  2. Procurement documents, bids, and self-counting prices for goods / services from goods / services providers before the announcement of the winner.
  3. Document minutes of meeting

  4. Proposals for appointment, dismissal and rotation in structural / functional positions

  5. File of the Advisory Body for Position and Rank
  6. Reports (findings) on the results of examinations by the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) or the Inspectorate General or the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency.
  7. Data on cases / legal cases that do not yet have binding legal force (inkracht)

  8. Documents and minutes of the Apparatus Development process (BINAP)
  9. Data on public complaints regarding the performance and behavior of individual officials, lecturers and education personnel.
  10. Financial reports before being audited by the competent institution
  11. Question documents and competency tests

  12. Competency exam answer keys
  13. Data on findings / results of internal and external quality audits of academic quality
  14. Report on the results of follow-up monitoring of academic quality internal and external audit results
  15. Audit working paper
  16. Monitoring working paper (follow-up results and recapitulation)
  17. Concept of thought policy / findings / reports / documents / texts / letters / settlement (not final) or related to the registration of intellectual property rights / patent rights
  18. Documents on cooperation agreements in the fields of research, technology and higher education that contain Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  19. Management of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure facilities:

    1. network topology;
    2. layout infrastructure equipment;
    3. web service given to ministries / institutions / agencies / work units; and
    4. Internally developed application source code.
  20. Aerial photo map archive
  21. Unpublished molecular biology research processes
  22. Unpublished research results
  23. Documents for college entrance examinations

  24. Key answers to college entrance exam questions
  25. Data service examination questions and certificate adjustment exams
  26. Study program self-evaluation
  27. Entrance exam test scores

  28. Research proposal

  29. Ratings and comments from reviewer against the research proposal

  30. Review government assistance and / or incentive proposals
  31. The value of the evaluation of the instrument / proposal for the opening of the study program
  32. Information on the achievement value of the performance of research and development institutions during the year

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